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Ep. 39 Building an Electric Motorcycle Business in Beijing with Nathan Siy

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Today we have Nathan Siy, in the show. Nathan , is running a high speed electric Bike company, he is also a TV host and a voice over artist.  He tells about his (REALLY!) unique company, why he decided to build it and how. It's a chance to see how a small company grows in China from scratch.


  • Mike: So, Nathan. Must say, out of all people we interviewed so far, what you do is the easiest to explain. So, Why really Electric motorcycle? These are everywhere. At least in China.

  • Shlomo: You’ve been running Electric bike tours for the past few years. What made you decide to transition and open another business.

  • Mike: So, you are making high speed motorcycles, are there many companies doing this? You usually see the small scooters ,so this at least for me looks like a niche market. 

  • Shlomo: Are the motorcycles out yet? I read an interview saying that it’s not out yet. 

  • How long did the whole process took to figure out how to turn gas motorcycles to electric ones? 

  • Shlomo:  Why do you think, electric bikes are taking so long to take off? It’s a promising technology but seems like in the west it’s not catching up. 

  • Mike: What’s your vision for this industry? You see everybody giving up their cars and taking their kids to school on a motorbike? 

  • Shlomo:  What’s the best way to reach out to you? 

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